Radiopromotion in the Netherlands and Belgium

We bring good music to the attention of music directors, deejays and radio stations and (spotify) playlist curators. We supply tracks, EPs and albums, complete with information and artwork.

New Music

We are the first to send new tracks, with relevant artist information.

For Music Professionals

Exclusive For Radio and TV stations, DJs, labels, playlist curators and music journalists.

High Quality Audio

Listen to the latest tracks online and / or download them in high audio quality.

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Have your track (s) promoted!

Have you recorded a great track? Increase your chances of success and get your music promoted by Music Promoter. We ensure that your music is heard by the right people. Go for that hit, increase your brand awareness, let yourself be heard!

Digital delivery

You provide a short biography yourself and tell the story about the record. You provide us with the audio file and artwork.

the cheapest musicpromotor

For us you do not pay for travel time, waiting time and overhead costs. We use professional promotional software.

The best investment

We only promote music that we think we can provide added value for you or you as an artist.

Too often good music remains unknown to the general public. Sometimes this music has not even had the chance to be heard by radio people or music journalists. Real music lovers are always looking for new talent, beautiful songs and / or beautiful albums. The ‘MUZIEKPROMOTOR’ team gives good music the opportunities it deserves. We provide effective and inexpensive radio and press promotion.

We have an extensive network of music directors, music journalists, blogs, magazines, newspapers and local, regional and national radio and TV stations. We are also music lovers and like to focus attention on new music from record companies and self-managed productions.

MUZIEKPROMOTOR is an active radio and press promotion agency with years of experience that operates in both the Netherlands and Belgium. By means of an advanced digital promotion system we can inform and enthuse interested journalists, music editors and program makers and other ‘influencers’. This intensive and contemporary online strategy allows us to efficiently draw attention to new releases.

Our promotion system contains contact details of more than 1000 radio stations, broadcasters, music compilers and influencers. In the Netherlands, the emphasis of our promotion is on the major national broadcasters, including 3FM, Radio2, 538, 100% NL and SlamFM and in Belgium on the VRT and Studio Brussel. But of course we also serve hundreds of radio producers at local and regional broadcasters.

Partly accelerated by the corona measures in 2020, Digital Music Promotion via Music Promoter has gained momentum. Promotion by 'Muziekpromotor' has now become the standard for plugging good new music to all relevant radio stations, music directors and curators.

What are the benefits?

In recent years we have been successfully promoting singles and albums for a very large number of artists. Several albums that we promoted were in the album Top 100 for weeks.

What are the benefits? Music promotion is essential to generate income for the artist. Airplay will lead to higher revenues for lyricists and composers and higher payments for performing rights. Should a track be placed on one of the playlists of the national channels, the costs for music promotion can be quickly recouped. Add to that the promotional effect of airplay, as attention from radio, TV or written press is the way to attract new audiences to the concerts. This can also increase the income for the artist. We work purposefully and transparently.

MUZIEKPROMOTOR stands for effective and inexpensive radio promotion.

Which genres do you promote?

Being on the radio or on a playlist can be important for many musicians to grow, reach an audience, become better known and get more gigs. In terms of genres, we don’t think so much in boxes or formats. The key question is could your music be played on one of the larger radio stations? So pop, rock, rap, dance, hip-hop, singer songwriter, raggea, house, funk: everything is possible.

But what exactly is a good radio song? Actually, nobody knows exactly. A song does not have to meet certain requirements, but of course it does help. Many songs are just too long. Songs of maximum 3 minutes have the best chance. According to insiders, the average radio song lasts 2.5 minutes, has an intro of up to 18 seconds, and is usually up-tempo and catchy. Actually, the song should already grab attention within the first 20 seconds and make an interesting turn within a minute. For example by a catchy chorus or a clearly constructive upward line.

Yet it is not wise to forcefully write a radio song. On the one hand, your songs must fit within a certain form, on the other hand, your song must also be unique. Good songs from new artists should be striking and special. A song of 6 minutes can of course be. But the rule usually applies: your chances increase if you meet certain criteria. If a song is too long, it can sometimes work well to make a special radio edit for your song.

If you have any questions or comments, please fill in the contact form. Be sure to read the frequently asked questions first.

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